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A few years ago, my daughter was living in Texas. She had ordered school clothes for her family that were to be delivered just before school started. The order was worth about $200, but more importantly, it was going to arrive in time for the kids to have new clothes for school that year.

To her horror, she was looking out the window of her second-floor when she saw a woman parked in front of her house and then saw the woman running to her car with a package. My daughter realized it was the package of clothing that was to be delivered that day!!

She ran down the stairs and out the front door, yelling at the thief as the porch pirate jumped in the car and drove away. My daughter tried to write the license plate down and chase the car, but to no avail. She was out the $200 and now had to explain to her kids that they would have to wear their old stuff to school until they could afford to order some more clothes.

She said her frustration was at its peak. Calls to the police were of no worth because her descriptions were vague and no license plate. She found out later that a number of houses in the neighborhood had been similarly robbed.

When she called me, I was frustrated, too. There had to be a better solution. My research found a way to have some delivery companies place the package inside your house (that is kind of creepy), or you could place a big container on your porch and have the delivery placed in the box. If you had a big enough porch and the package was small enough. There weren’t many good options. I also found there had been 35 million packages lost or stolen last year!! This is a problem that needs a solution.

Shortly thereafter, I met Chad – an Electrical Engineer and Patent Attorney. When I posed the problem and my simple solution to him, our imagination started flowing and we devised The Package Clipper.

We are excited to share this Package Protection solution with you.


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