We receive questions from our users and followers.  Here are the most common questions we receive and simple responses.  You are welcome to email us with other questions via the contact page and we will respond shortly.

Q. Can a thief take the packages and the Package Clipper and just run away?

A. Its not that easy.  The  Package Clipper can be secured in multiple ways, so removing it will take extra tools and time.  It will also sound a warning to not remove the packages.  They would have to be willing to ignore the warning message and spend time on the porch removing the Package Clipper device.

QHow long does the alarm last when the package is unclipped or the wire is cut?

A. The default time is 1 minute, but you can set it for any length.

Q. How can you get a delivery person to clip the packages?

A. Three methods:

#1. Offer to tip the delivery driver.  When you order your item on-line, add a note to the delivery person to ‘Clip’ each package so you can tip them.  Then make sure you place your QR code near the clipper on your porch so the delivery person can easily scan your code when they deliver the package.  They can only get a tip if they clip your package.

#2. When the Package Clipper is activated and waiting for a delivery, the motion sensor can tell when someone approaches.  The Package Clipper speakers then give a pre-recorded message to the delivery person to ‘Secure the package with a clip’.

#3.  We would also suggest using the ‘Delivery’ sign to request the delivery person to clip each package and scan the QR code to earn a tip.

QHow much will the Package Clipper cost?

A. We hope to keep it below $90, with the discounted price around $60 for the Clipper and two Clips.

QWhen will the Package Clipper be available?

A. After speaking to manufacturers we have a good idea of when they can deliver the product.  The timeline on this website shows the estimated dates as far as we currently know.